Effective from 1st July 2016, a new SOLAS regulation will be implemented that requires packed containers’ gross mass to be verified prior to stowage on board a ship.

WHAT? All shippers will be required to submit accurate weight of the cargo (referred to as the VGM) to the carrier before container can be exported. If VGM is not submitted, the container may NOT be shipped.

WHY? To avoid discrepancies between declared cargo weight and actual cargo weight, in the past this has caused inefficiency, danger and risk to related parties.

WHERE? This is a worldwide implementation, and applies to all the ports in Malaysia.

WHEN? Before 1st June – registration by shipper with Marine Dept must be completed. Effective 1st July – VGM will be required for all export shipments.

HOW? There are 2 methods of determining VGM – 1. By weighing the entire laden container using a certified weighbridge, 2. By adding the actual cargo weight (including packaging) to the tare weight


Please register your company/ companies (shipper on BL) with Jabatan Laut (Marine Dept), full information on their website -

The submission for registration should be in hard copy, we suggest that you bring all the required documents to Jabatan Laut and ensure that all is in order.

Click on below to download:

  1. Guidelines regarding VGM released by Jabatan Laut Malaysia
  2. Shipper’s registration form for submission to Jabatan Laut Malaysia
  3. List of processing offices for submission of VGM registration 

For further information and updates, please contact us at 03-33238260 / 61 / 62.

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Shipper Registration Formpdf-icon

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